Healing amber properties

Each mineral has its clear function and area of application. Amber is responsible for cleaning the environment from everything unnatural. Therefore, amber is becoming more and more popular among people promoting healthy and ecological lifestyle.
Energetically amber is very light. This lightness is natural and flexible, pampering and lulling as the calm sea. It contains the depth of the sea together with the lightness of wave and the deep dive into the perfection. For the person who is wholesome, it helps to turn into a droplet at sea, sand on the seaside - everything and nothing.
For those who find it difficult to grasp the essence, to put it simply, amber warms your heart, calms the nervous system, cleans your thoughts and emotions. It makes you feel warm and cosy. Amber helps you to enjoy and play, as it is in its nature. So if you have amber in your hands, you can fully enjoy its gifts.
There you will find the depth of the sea and the play of waves, and the heat of the sun.
It purely depends on the person, how deeply they dive into this. Amber simply melts anger, envy, assessment and separation.
Nature’s Phenomenon
Amber is also used nowadays in the treatment of bronchitis, thyroid, bladder and stomach illnesses and diseases.
Amber is popular in the cosmetics industry in Kaliningrad region, cities of Poland Lodz and Krakow where amber is widely used as an ingredient of different beauty products.
Amber as a stone of happiness and health
Amber is the ancient healing stone found on the Baltic Sea shores in the territory of our ancestors.
There is a legend about amber as a stone of not only happiness and health, but also as a love charm helping to attract the person you like. Many scientists consider amber as one of the oldest and the most wonderful gemstones. For the Baltic Sea coast inhabitants it is the best stone to use as it was formed in the same environment. In reality it is not a stone. Amber is the fossilized tree resin, which, according to the legends, caught solar particle inside.
Amber Helps in Thyroid Treatment
Women with thyroid problems often rush to purchase therapeutic unpolished natural amber necklace. In contact with skin amber necklace accumulates electrostatic charge and succinic acid accumulates on the oxidised amber surface. As a biostimulant succinic acid is used in medicine for its positive effect on respiratory system. It also positively stimulates the nervous system, restorative processes and has a good effect on heart and kidneys. In case of sore ear, the smoke of burning amber positively affects the condition. 
Amber Protects Babies and Small Children as Well as Pregnant Women
Apparently amber is also useful during pregnancy. Amber necklace on the pregnant woman’s belly has a very positive effect on the baby and the mother as well. Baby gets additional dose of succinic acid through the mother’s skin and even placenta. Additionally, scientists discovered succinic acid in the breast milk. Therefore, it is really useful. 
Baby amber necklaces are popular in Germany, Spain and France. It is possible to buy them not only in a shop, but at the chemist’s as well. It is believed that amber necklace helps to relieve the pain of sprouting teeth and makes them stronger. We are happy that baby amber necklaces are becoming more popular in Lithuania as well. 
Parents who buy amber necklaces or bracelets for their children are usually more pleased with their beauty and often forget about the therapeutic properties of amber. However, amber treatment is becoming more and more popular among parents with small children. They buy amber necklaces and bracelets for their children to relieve the pain of sprouting teeth and boost their immune system. Nevertheless, we would like to remind you that it is not recommended to let your children put the amber articles into their mouths. Parents quite often falsely believe that amber articles relieve pain only by chewing them. The truth is that it is enough to have amber on the skin to get the healing effect. 
Survey organized by the Silver Amber Jewelry Facebook account has shown that a lot of women have used amber treatment for their children. Mothers shared their experiences in amber treatment and claimed that amber articles helped to reduce the temperature and relieve pain of sprouting teeth, to heal colds and boost their children’s immune system. Some of the women use amber to protect their children from negative energy or “evil eye”. Moreover, all of them agree that amber articles are simply beautiful.
Customer feedback regarding amber articles for children are always positive and simply confirm that amber helps their children feel good and be happy. 
Amber Is Beneficial to Pets
Amber collars for cats and dogs are not the whim of the wealthy. Such collars protect them from fleas and other parasites. Amber creates electrostatic field by rubbing into the fur of the animal and electric discharge kills fleas and other parasites.  
Amber Is Popular Abroad
The best amber products and raw material are exported to Western Europe and Asia, especially China. Amber rosaries are exclusively popular as well as lucky statuettes made of amber; those include not only saints, but also animals and mystical creatures. Amber rosaries are popular among Buddhists; at present Muslims are more increasingly looking for amber rosaries as well.