Our qualified craftsmen

We are the members of LTS

We are proud to announce that the head of the company Silver Amber - Gintaras Žukauskas is also a member of Lithuanian Folk Art Union, Kaunas division since 2010. The membership in Lithuanian Folk Art Union enables to develop and create professional art!

Lithuanian Folk Art Union is independent voluntary non-profit association. The best folk artists in the fields of painting, sculpture, graphics, blacksmith, pottery, weaving, knitting, jewelry and weaving are united under this organisation. Lithuanian Folk Art Union actively participates in copyright section and work of European Council of Artists (ECA).
Lithuanian Folk Art Union awards the best artists the art creator status which enables them to become the members of Lithuanian Folk Artist Association.

We are the members of IAA

SILVER AMBER are pleased to announce that one of our specialists has become a member of International Amber Association! There are currantly 345 members from 30 countries. There is an international group of artists, designers, jewellery producers, gallery owners, scientists, researchers, gemmologists, collectors and amber product traders.

Established in 1996, International Amber Association is known for its input in Baltic amber-related issues, educating on amber industry and granting certificates to the recommended companies that comply with Amber Classification System created by the IAA.

Did you know, that

According to Lithuanian laws AMBER as natural origin stone is considered a GEMSTONE since 1 May, 2016.

The Baltic amber or “the gold of the North” was the first human gemstone. Archeological findings reveal that amber was in trade as far back as the Stone Age. Even in prehistoric times it was used to make jewelry and cult objects. Amulets, charms and incense were made of amber.